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Custom Fitting/Customisation

So what is it and what's the difference?


Custom fitting usually describes the process of you being assessed for a new set of clubs and customisation follows a similar process but results in your existing clubs being altered to suit you better.

What is Custom Fitting?


It is an extremely over used phrase, but what exactly is custom-fitting? Put simply, it's making sure that, whatever your ability, your clubs are right for YOU.

Custom-fitting can range from simply measuring how far your fingertips are from the ground, to actually making a bespoke set of clubs just for you. The former isn't really proper fitting at all (although this is an essential guide for beginners) and the latter is the process that a tour professional may go through and isn't really practical for even the most serious of club golfers (as these are literally built from scratch - including forging the heads!).

This article will recommend a process which is practical, affordable and the most beneficial to your game. Many golfers think that custom-fitted clubs are purely just the right length for your height, or the right shaft flex for your swing speed, age or ability, but the process is far more significant than that. True custom fitting is much more of a consultation and will take all of the following into account (see below for explanations)


  • Your age, gender, ability and budget
  • The number of clubs you need
  • Your swing speed at impact
  • Your general tempo
  • Wrist to floor measurement
  • Your height and set-up position 
  • Launch angle and ball flight
  • Your shot shape and trajectory
  • Grip size and texture
  • Your ambition in the game 

Sounds complicated? To the trained eye no! It doesn't take long either; 40 minutes to an hour of your time now could save you a great deal of frustration and £100’s of potentially wasted money in the future.

Sounds expensive? But it will only cost £35 for a full custom fit session and this cost will usually be deducted from the price of any new clubs you end up buying. It may also be the cheapest way of finding out that there is nothing wrong with the club or clubs you already have.

The Result? A club, or set of clubs that is perfect for you and that will no longer leave you in doubt as to the suitability of your equipment. Golf is a game of confidence, and once and for all you can take the doubt about your clubs out of the equation!

Criteria Explained:

  • Age, Gender, Ability and Budget: All these factors have a bearing on which clubs will be best for you and the really good news is that it's not the price of the clubs which is the important thing.
  • The Number of Clubs You Need?: Many iron sets are available these days as individual clubs, so if you only use half your clubs most of the time, what's the point in buying a full set? Just update the clubs you need and be advised on the best set make-up for your game.
  • Your Swing Speed: This will be measured to establish the correct shaft flex for your power rating.
  • Your Tempo: Something that can really only be assessed by a trained professional and will also influence our shaft selection for you.
  • Wrist to Floor: It's not just your height which determines shaft length as taller people usually have longer arms and vice-versa. Remember also that the longer the club the harder it is to hit straight!
  • Height and Set-Up: These two elements together will help to establish the correct lie-angle (the angle the shaft makes when the club head is correctly placed on the ground).
  • Ball Flight (especially for the driver): This is one of the most overlooked areas of custom-fitting and cannot be assessed properly by hitting into a net or by a computer - your pro will advise.
  • Shot Shape & Trajectory: Some clubs can actually help to improve certain destructive shot shapes and the shaft selection is imperative for achieving the right ball-flight for your game.
  • Grip Size & Texture: Big hands or small hands , weak or strong, the wrong grip size can adversely affect your shot control.
  • Your Ambition: A very important consideration this; are you improving, still growing, getting older or having lessons? We will discuss where you would like your game to be, how to get you there and determine the correct clubs for now and in the years to come.

If you would like to book a custom-fitting session or have any questions, please get in touch with Stuart Sawyer or Richard Ludgate, they will be more than happy to help

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